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Explore Buffalo history through the eyes of Rosanne Higgins'
intriguing characters whose tales of love, perseverance, mystery,
triumph that transcend the decades will inspire you!


Buffalo, NY native Rosanne L. Higgins earned her PhD in Anthropology at the University of Buffalo
where she
worked on the Erie County Poorhouse Cemetery project. Rosanne got to know much about the
residents as she pieced together what little could be told of their lives as she researched their deaths and

wanted to tell their story in a way that would be accessible to more than just the scholarly community.

Ultimately, Orphans and Inmates became the first in a historical fiction series of novels chronicling
fictional accounts of poorhouse residents inspired by the historical data and also incorporating other
Buffalo people, places and history. It was followed by A Whisper of Bones
, The Seer and the Scholar,
A Lifetime Again
and The Girl on the Shore.

Now in her latest novel, A Mind's Eye Witness, Rosanne takes her heroine, Maude Travers, into a new
direction! Maude uses her supernatural abilities this time to explore a murder in her North Buffalo home and
its connection to bank robbing gangsters, a witness in the insane asylum and a spy within the Buffalo PD.


Orphans and Inmates by Rosanne Higgins at



and Inmates

Book One





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A Whisper of Bones by Rosanne Higgins at



A Whisper
of Bones

Book Two





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A Seer and a Scholar by Rosanne Higgins at



The Seer and
the Scholar

Book Three





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A Lifetime Again by Rosanne Higgins at

A Lifetime Again

Book Four





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A Girl on the Shore by Rosanne Higgins at


A Girl on
the Shore

Book Five





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A Mind's Eye Witness by Rosanne Higgins at


A Mind's Eye






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